Capturing a place I thought I knew so well!

First year Digital Film Production student Zac Thompson has been capturing his home town and all the nuances and changes of a place he thought he knew so well.

"The inspiration behind these pictures came from my daily walks in my home town and the quick reality of noticing how empty and quiet it had become during lockdown.

Suddenly everything changed, everything that seemed so normal and sometimes so monotonous can become something we miss! It's just funny to me how everything changed so fast, which just shined a light on how meaningless a lot of things are and how meaningful the things we often took for granted are.

These photographs aim to capture moments in time that tell a story rather than just be aesthetically shallow. Pictures that date the time, and have some kind of emotion to them. That was my aim anyway. "

Photography by: Zac Thompson

Photo location: Bedfordshire town centre.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3040 3500 


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